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Kistein Monkhouse

2021 Fellow

CEO, Patient Orator

VVGrow Fellow 2021
New York, NY, United States

Kistein is the CEO of Patient Orator, a digital health startup that helps chronically ill and undeserved patients document their medical problems in a way that addresses mistrust between underrepresented communities and healthcare professionals. Through their HIPAA compliant app, Patient Orator allows patients to store their medical symptoms securely, share them in real-time with caregivers, and record their interaction with their medical team to help foster greater post-discharge care. Through this app, Patient Orator removes the anxiety that a patient faces that causes negative cognitive emotions leading to poor communication in healthcare delivery settings. Patient Orator also has a video blog site that educates the public on their health care rights by raising awareness regarding health inequalities and educating the public on healthcare rights. Kistein is also the award-winning documentarian behind “Humanizing Health Care”, a narrative-driven, emotionally paced film about healthcare experiences in the United States. Kistein places equity, diversity, and inclusion at the heart of her work, and it is her top priority to ensure everyone is well-informed on how to navigate the healthcare system. Her experience in the industry positions her perfectly to pave the way for a nation of informed individuals and eventually humanize healthcare in the United States. She has worked in patient and health care services as a Service Coordinator, connecting low-income individuals to health care services; a Nursing Assistant, providing care to New Yorkers as part of the frontline care team; and a Home Health Manager, where she managed a team of home health aides in delivering optimal care to the elderly. Kistein holds a Bachelors from Queens College in New York and Masters in Public Administration from Long Island University. Kistein is a nationally known public health and patient advocate.