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Kimberly Martínez

2021 Fellow

Kimberly Martinez Headshot

Kimberly Martínez is a university student, currently in her last year of a Bachelor’s degree in Software Development, at the Technological University of Panama. She is passionate about marine life, and among her plans for the future she is to be part of an organization that protects the rights of marine animals. Similarly, she does not intend to ignore other issues that are very important in her life, such as: the human rights of people directly and indirectly affected by HIV; everything related to the LGTBIQ + community; being a young woman, she cannot ignore the issues focused on feminism; inequality in general; and create axes of community work with children, adolescents, and youth. In addition, with the career that she is currently pursuing, she wants to continue working on new technology projects, and everything related to front-end web development. / Since she was 8 years old, she has belonged to the Living Positively Association, which works for the human rights of people with HIV; within the membership there are members who are not HIV positive. Currently, she is the coordinator for youth, childhood, and adolescence. With the experience she has obtained in the association, and in the project factors that increase the risk of HIV infection in young university students, she now wants to give it a twist, with her experience towards adolescents who are studying high school, and a half from schools. / She participated in the Scientific Initiation Conference of the Technological University of Panama in the Regional Center of Coclé and Veraguas in 2019 with the project where a software prototype was validated for the resolution of Newton’s laws. / In her search for both personal and professional growth, she is currently a participant in the social and political training program, Agents of Change 2021, of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) of the German Cooperation in Panama. / Kimberly believes that our governments and decision-makers must invest all their efforts in creating awareness, and providing accurate information, focused on children, youth and adolescents, to help them be better citizens.

Kimberly was selected as a participant in the 2021 Voces Que Inspiran.