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Khulan Davaadorj

2018 Fellow

Founder/Director Natural Essentials LLC

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Khulan is a social entrepreneur who founded Mongolia’s first organic skincare brand with a focus on using sustainable Mongolian raw materials and giving back to the community. Her philosophy is “love yourself, love others and love the environment.”

The skincare industry in Mongolia has been dominated by synthetic material and mass production. Thus, Lhamour want to offer healthy products using natural ingredients and show that the new-era of producers has begun where Lhamour concentrate on a sustainable business model and try to send a positive philosophy through their products. Not just sell products by itself, but a whole vision of love. The main philosophy of Lhamour is love – love for your own health, love for others and love for the environment and future generations, and this explains why Khulan named the brand LHAMOUR, which means love in French. Lhamour takes a holistic approach toward sustainability and social responsibility through the production of innovative natural products. In order to address the common skin problems such as eczema, acne, psoriasis and other skin conditions in Mongolia caused by low temperature and dry climate, Lhamour produces organic skincare products such as body oils, natural soaps, facial oils, body scrub, and also include natural lifestyle products into their line such as Mongolian rock salt lamps, cotton towels, recycled paper baskets. They now have 60 product lines. Lhamour’s products are all hand made by people, using traditional Mongolian ingredients, providing income to Mongolian herders and demonstrating that. From the revenue they get, they donate 10 cents from every sale of a product and have now started a mentorship program to help kids aged fifteen to seventeen to find their inner self and find their passion and ambition. One of their main goals is to create a high quality Mongolian brand that utilizes the best natural ingredients to make healthy products for everyone in need of healthy products. Khulan wants to create a modern, creative and sustainable Mongolian brand that is known worldwide for its high quality and healthy solution. She also wants to share this vision of love throughout the world and show Mongolians that it is possible to be recognized globally if the vision is right. She strives to show entrepreneurs all around the world that it is possible to make things happen by working hard, fighting for your dream and moving along step by step. Changing how people around the world think about Mongolia, using local products to produce very high quality products. Throughout the last years ever since she established her own company, Khulan has seen accomplishments in terms of marketing, branding, motivational speaking, business management and strategic planning. She also founded Mongolia Blossom, a NGO that is working towards advocating volunteerism in Mongolia. Khulan holds a Masters of Public Policy, with a concentration in Renewable Energy Management from Columbia University. She has also received a degree in Organic Skincare Formulation from Formula Botanica in the United Kingdom.

What Khulan hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Khulan is hoping to increase her management skills as a result of the insights she will receive from the fellowship. She is looking forward to developing her business skills in order to strengthen her knowledge of business management.

What Khulan can offer other fellows: Khulan can share her experiences and stories with other fellows, as people can often benefit from learning from mistakes others have made and how they managed them. She also has skills and knowledge in marketing (in particular social media), branding and personal development she can share.

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Khulan was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.