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Kavita Rai

2024 Fellow

VV Visionaries


Focus Areas

Women Entrepreneurship

Kavita Rai is a women’s health advocate and co-founder of Ethos, a digital health company dedicated to destigmatizing treatment for substance misuse, leading to improved outcomes for current and future generations. Ethos facilitates early detection and continuous monitoring to enable targeted, accessible care that meets individuals where they are. Rai hopes Ethos improves individuals’ health and the health of their communities. Rai’s drive for health equity and solving public health challenges comes from her experience as a cancer survivor.

Before Ethos, Rai led and founded Justice in the Classroom, an education nonprofit expanding racial equity resources to school districts during COVID-19. In college, Rai spearheaded Title IX reform with USC Health and EEO-TIX. Her advocacy work has been honored by partners, including the Mayo Clinic, the World Economic Forum, and Instagram.

“As a visionary leader, I aspire to transform our healthcare system to work for everyone.”