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Kathryn Wehunt

2019 Fellow

Founder & Executive Director, The Formation Project

Greenville, SC, United States

Kat Wehunt is a compassionate survivor leader with a discontent for injustice in the anti-human trafÔ¨Åcking movement. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice with a focus on Victimology from Florida International University. Currently, she is the Founder and Executive Director of The Formation Project, a non proÔ¨Åt in Charleston, SC. She also chairs the Survivor Leader / Lived Experience Expert Subcommittee for the South Carolina Human TrafÔ¨Åcking Task Force, and serves as a Human TrafÔ¨Åcking Advisory Consultant for the Lynch Foundation. Kat has experience with victim advocacy and ministry environments, and has learned how relationships can fuel productivity. She has served at the Julie Valentine Center, Set Free Alliance, and an anti-human trafÔ¨Åcking organization focusing their efforts in India. Most recently, Kat served as a care coordinator at SWITCH, where she walked alongside survivors of human trafÔ¨Åcking on their paths to healing. Kat’s heart is to use her experience as a survivor, along with her professional experience, to bring more awareness to the issue of human trafÔ¨Åcking, and to empower everyone to take action against this injustice. Kat is expectant to have dreams come to fulÔ¨Ållment, and is grateful to serve alongside those Ô¨Åghting human trafÔ¨Åcking and sexual exploitation in South Carolina and around the nation.