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Kanak Hirani

2023 Fellow

Founder, JULAHAS


Kanak is the founder of Amsterdam-based JULAHAS, a new sustainable fashion brand that works with rural artisan communities across India.

Responsible fashion is close to Kanak’s heart and through JULAHAS, she wants to bring joy everywhere — from makers to wearers. She believes that just like her, people around the world make daily choices on what to wear while being able to express their personal style. Through her brand that creates multi-wear, size-free, and handcrafted garments, she hopes that people find an individual style expression that helps them feel happier and look great, all while making a positive impact on the planet and people.

Earlier this year, Kanak was invited to speak at TedXAUC (Amsterdam University College) to inspire students with her views on sustainable fashion. She recently completed a 100-day dress challenge with Wool&, where she wore the same dress every day for 100 days. Through small, mindful acts such as outfit repeating, buying less, and wearing more, Kanak shared how each of us has the responsibility to make a conscious sustainable choice.