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Julieta Martínez

2023 Fellow

Voices That Inspire

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Julieta is a Chilean activist and eco-feminist. She is currently pursuing a degree in Anthropology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Julieta is also the founder of the TREMENDAS movement, which is currently present in 20 countries.  

Julieta was a speaker at the Latin Women Economic Forum, a speaker at COP 25 in Madrid and COP 26 in Glasgow, and a panelist and key speaker at the Generation Equality Forum along with Hillary Clinton. In October 2022 she published her first book “No soy Julieta” (I am not Julieta) with Penguin Random House. The book discusses activism and raising one’s voice for causes that matter. Julieta does not let injustices keep her from taking action. She believes the world can improve and is focused on developing concrete and systemic solutions to address the climate crisis from a gender perspective. Additionally, she published a documentary titled Las Nubes de Paz (Clouds of Peace) which highlights the story of a young Chilean activist from Cabrero, Chile who fights to save her community from industrial pollution and single-crop farming.