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Julie Hamaïde

2022 Fellow


Julie Hamaide Grazia headshot1.jpg

Julie Hamaïde is an entrepreneur and journalist. In 2017, she launched Koï, a new print publication that explores the complexity of Asian cultures, communities, and life in France. Koï has carved out a place in the French media landscape as the voice of a new generation. She has assembled a network of young French-Asian women from all walks of life around her, called Femmes Koï, who are able to share experiences, memories, challenges and solidarity. This group is a tight-knit community who help each other when needed and can find support and solace like nowhere else. 

In 2017, Koï won the Print Innovation Award by Presstalis and received the political and general newspress qualification by the ministry of Culture of France in 2018. The same year, Koï won the second Prize for Information Abroad by the ministry of Foreign Affair of Vietnam. Hamaïde has given keynote speeches at the international convention of journalism about media creation and talked about Asian diasporas in France on international media, including France 24, France TV, and The Initium Hong Kong. Hamaïde is also a Marshall Memorial Fellow and a Raisina Young Fellow, and is a mentee with the SISTA x Bold program.  

As a visionary leader I aspire to gather the French-Asian communities and give a definition to their identity.