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Joanna Sozańska

2022 Fellow


Joanna Sozanska Headshot1.jpg

Joanna Sozańska has the mission of increasing the visibility of women in international relations and global politics. As a young professional specializing in the Arab region, relations between the European Union and WANA (West Asia and North Africa) countries, Sozańska is planning to create an initiative for a reliable analysis of the WANA region and its relations with the European Union, with the goal of including women experts in the public debate. 

Sozańska gained international experience working with the European Academy of Diplomacy. Sozańska also cooperates with the Institute for Security and International Development operating under the auspices of the DEEP NATO Programme as an Advisor and WANA Expert. She also works at European Border and Coast Guard Agency European Union agency.  

Sozańska graduated from Jagiellonian University, faculties of Middle East Studies with a degree in Arabic language and International Relations. She is pursuing a PhD at the Warsaw School of Economics where she studies news public diplomacy and migration policies in the North Africa region. Sozańska participated in the NATO2030 Global Fellowship, Young Leadership Political Academy by National Democratic Institute, and the Academy of Advocates of Changes. Sozanska also served on juries of international programs such as NATO Youth Delegate of Poland and the Innovation in Politics Awards. 

As a visionary leader I believe there is no place for discrimination and double standards in international relations.