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Joanina Razafindrakoto

2019 Fellow

CEO, Rojo Beauty

Antsirabe, Madagascar

About Joanina:

Joanina is the CEO and Founder of Rojo Beauty, a beauty products business that was started in 2015 that uses natural ingredients. The company creates products that are blended in small batches to ensure high-quality. Their unique products are non-animal-tested and are free from harmful chemicals for health conscious customers. Rojo Beauty offers a skincare line of creams, lotions and scrubs, and a haircare line of shampoos, hair serum and hair masks. Through Rojo Beauty, Joanina is driven to use natural ingredients to build a proudly African natural beauty brand.As a part of its long-term commitment to social responsibility, Rojo Beauty provides Malagasy underprivileged young women with educational opportunities and sustainable jobs by hiring them as resellers of skincare and haircare products.These opportunities help them achieve their educational goals. Joanina is also passionate about providing opportunities for commercial development and an independent career in beauty and wellness. Joanina has also launched a program called ‘Precious You’ providing scholarships for young children that do not have access to school and are victims of child labor. She also serves as a Culture and Competence department leader at Lovasoa 4C, a Cross-Cultural Competence Center in Antsirabe, Madagascar. Joanina areas of expertise include community development, youth empowerment, business creation, sales techniques, communications and leadership. She holds a Masters in English Teaching from the University of Antananarivo. She has also been a Fellow of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders and participant in the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s entrepreneurship program. Joanina has also completed a Yellow Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma.


What Joanina hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Joanina hopes to expand her network and gain new perspectives and best practices from real-world situations that can be applied to her activities in Madagascar. She also hopes to learn skills in web design and digital marketing, fundraising, branding, how to generate online revenue growth as well as new ways to pay-it-forward.

What Joanina can offer other fellows:

Joanina can share her leadership skills, business strategies and confidence in networking. She can also share her knowledge in supply chain and beauty products and the experience of making her own products.

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