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Joana Miguel

2023 Fellow

CEO, Joana Miguel Bienestar Emocional

Joana Miguel

Joana Miguel-Pacheco is the owner and CEO of Joana Miguel Bienestar Emocional, a coaching consultancy firm. Joana Miguel Bienestar Emocional promotes mental health and prevents suicide and substance abuse. The company supports its clients with emotional management mechanisms as a tool to improve mental health, gives vocational training and helps teenagers find their values. They also support women in finding their life’s purpose through self-awareness to achieve wellness. The most important impact that the firm has in the community is helping women to be aware and connected with their inner power, promoting wellness as a basic need, and collaborating with NGOs that support women at risk. Joana’s life purpose is to be a compassionate and authentic bridge for women to find their inner power. She taps into her values of freedom, appreciation, inspiration, authenticity, gratitude, and meaningful life to accomplish this purpose. Joana holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Lima. She had been working for 20 years in the manufacturing, retail, and mining industries when she decided to learn yoga, mindfulness, and holistic therapies from many different teachers. She has Level II Reiki Certification by the Usui Reiki Association, has a Reconnection and Reconnective Healing Practitioner Certificate by The Reconnection and her most recent study is an Existential Coaching Certification by the Colombian Institute SAPS which is accredited by the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna. This latest certificate will help her to empower women to take charge of their growing and healing process.

What Joana can offer other fellows:

Joana can provide her peers with coaching and mentoring specifically in yoga and mindfulness practices, and her knowledge in existentialist themes of freedom, choice, responsibility, authenticity, creation of meaning, self, and other, and anxiety, for beginning to construct their infrastructure of understanding and values. She will be happy to partner with other fellows to offer online conferences, meetings, or panels on successful women.

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