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Joana Bacallo

2023 Fellow

VV Visionaries

Joana Bacallo1.jpg

Focus Areas

Climate Action

Joana Bacallo is the founder of Schools for Environment Education, Development and Sustainability (SEEDS), an international non-profit organization based in Bruxelles, Belgium that commits to strengthening partnerships with remote, low-income schools by integrating tailor-made curriculums on environmental stewardship and advancement of climate resilience through water awareness and education.

She completed a bachelor’s degree in international business and entrepreneurial management at San Beda University and earned her MBA in aviation management from Coventry University. She attributed her unique community water work to her previous career as an international flight attendant, where her illuminating travels immersed her into diverse cultures and life realities. Bacallo received acknowledgment from Women Deliver Conference 2019. She also represented SEEDS at the historical United Nations Water Conference 2023.

“As a visionary leader, I champion young learners, regardless of background, to have access to environment education and inspire them to be stewards of our waters and natural resources.”