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Jessica Soto

2017 Fellow

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Mujeres Lideres Peru

Jessica Soto is a graphic designer and interior designer with 20 years’ experience, from creating her own design advertising agency in 2002 to working for international and local brands in design, corporate image and web development. Jessica was accepted into the 10,000 Women program in 2012 and that was the start of a journey. In 2013, she was selected for the Vital Voices GROW Fellowship, and in 2014 was selected by The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women into a mentoring program. After improving her business skills and, not only self-confidence, but the mission to pay it forward when she got back to her country, she started doing the Vital Voices Mentoring Walks in Peru, and noticed that one day alone was not enough for all the women that came to the walk needed. Merging her advertising experience, commitment to women’s development and the will to pay it forward, Jessica created, after listening to different stories of Peruvian women, a women’s network called Mujeres Lideres that provides counseling, coaching, capacity-building in weak areas for business women. The organization also provides networking and exhibition sales events for them to promote their brands and network, as well as empowering them by giving them tools and knowledge to make their businesses grow and plant in their hearts the pay it forward mission so they will become mentors one day.