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Jessica Hubley

2017 Fellow

CEO of AnnieCannons, Inc

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United States

Jessica is an attorney and entrepreneur serving as CEO of AnnieCannons, Inc. and running her own legal practice in the Bay Area. After earning a BA and Master’s from Emory University and attending Stanford Law School, Jessica worked at Latham & Watkins LLP and Dickstein Shapiro LLP, advising internet, cloud, and digital media companies on general commercial matters, with a particular focus on privacy issues, IP management, and distribution strategies. She previously served as General Counsel at Stride Health, Inc., where she also worked as Interim Director of Operations. Her role as CEO entails the management of AnnieCannons’ impact outsourcing business and co-management of nonprofit operations. Her legal practice specializes in e-commerce and privacy law in the Bay Area, where she works to guide tech startups through their lifecycle with profitable responsibility. She also writes novels and was introduced to the global issues of human trafficking several years ago through her work as the President of Women of Stanford Law. She has been interviewing and gathering stories of human trafficking survivors around the world, and is currently represented by Trident Media Group for a narrative nonfiction piece that highlights the stories of trafficking survivors from around the globe and how existing technology could have helped them.

Jessica was one of the women who served as inspiration for the limited-time Target Collection, A New Day + Vital Voices.