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Jennifer Mulli

2023 Fellow

CEO/Creative Director, JIAMINI

Nairobi, Kenya

Jennifer Mulli is the founder of JIAMINI, a family-run, Kenyan-based fashion accessories brand. JIAMINI means “believe in yourself” in Swahili, and the brand was founded to preserve traditional African heritage. JIAMINI’s mission is to design an international wardrobe for today’s global woman while at the same time helping women rise above poverty through economic empowerment and employment, one stitch at a time through fashion. Jennifer trains and mentors over 100 women at the grassroots level monthly through her business.

Before founding JIAMINI, Jennifer worked as the regional grants and operations manager at the International Peacebuilding Alliance and held various positions at USAID’s offices in Sudan, Kenya, and Somalia. She received a secretarial diploma from Kianda College in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jennifer has received numerous accolades including a Meritorious Honor Award from USAID, a Sustained Superior Performance Award in support of US foreign policy objectives, and a Superior Unit Citation for Outstanding professionalism and quiet courage in responding to the bombing of the US Embassy in Nairobi, and many more.

She has also participated in the Women Entrepreneurial Leadership Program in Massachusetts, USA, African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program in New York/Washington, DC, Sustainable Trade Opportunities Training in the Netherlands, and two Vital Voices Entrepreneurs in Handicraft Trainings.