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Jazmine Davis

2019 Fellow

Founder, Jazmine Kionna

Baltimore, MD, United States

Jazmine Davis is the founder of Jazmine Kionna, a luxury shoe brand centered around style, affordability and comfort. As her designer shoes collected dust, she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and entered the world of research and development for a Fortune50 company. In New York, she learned the components of a high-heeled shoe, how critical the insole and last are to the comfort of high heels, and from there she sampled materials from various insole companies to find out what would provide maximum comfort. After developing a model, she began reaching out to designers at The Universite des Chaussures of New Orleans where they crafted the first official prototype. After creating five stylish pairs of shoes, she began to work with a North American manufacturer for production. By utilizing her love for color blocking, print clashing, and texture mixing, she created a versatile shoe collection that is appropriate for any occasion. Jazmine Kionna, LLC is shaking up the industry by providing both comfortable and affordable heels that women can wear to work and for play!