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Jamila Debbech Ksiksi

2022 Fellow

Member of Parliament

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Jamila Debbech Ksiksi is the first black woman parliament deputy in Tunisia since 2014, as well as an independent politician and human rights activist. Jamila currently serves as a member of the Assembly office where she is in charge of relations with citizens and civil society. She’s a former member of the Pan-African Parliament where she was elected Chair of the Women’s Caucus at the PAP.

She is a Pan-Africanist activist working on solidarity among African peoples, and the Co-founder of the continental of African Women Leaders Network and coordinator of Tunisian chapter, AWLN-Tunisia. As a member of the board of Women and Politics Forum and representative of North Africa, she’s an activist and expert in Security and Social protection models and strategy; Parliamentary communication strategy; open parliament; parliamentary transparency; participatory approaches; electoral processes observation on the national and international level; taking actions against racism and gender-based violence and advocacy on intersectionality, women’s leadership, migrants, refugees and minority rights.