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Jacqueline Sofia

2023 Fellow

Co-Founder and Chief Impact and Strategy Officer, Sitti Social Enterprise Limited

Jacqueline Sofia

Jacqueline Sofia is the Co-founder and Chief Impact and Strategy Officer at SITTI, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and impact-driven lifestyle brand in Ontario, Canada. In her position, Jacqueline leads the company’s stakeholder-driven approach to impact measurement, evaluation, reporting, and learning. In 2020, Jacqueline led the formation of the Community Impact Team, a refugee-managed team of trained individuals who support SITTI’s commitment to refugee self-reliance through regular monitoring and evaluation of stakeholder needs via the Refugee Self-Reliance Index (SRI) Survey. Through her position on the RSRI Steering Committee, Jacqueline works to advocate for refugee self-reliance worldwide. Before SITTI, Jacqueline was a Fulbright Scholar (2011-12) in Jordan. Following her fellowship, she worked as a program manager and consultant for several non-profit organizations operating within the Palestinian refugee camp community in Jerash, Jordan. She has experience working with UN agencies (UNHCR, UNRWA) and INGOs in Jordan and the UAE. Jacqueline has also worked as a reporter documenting stories from the SWANA region for outlets including Kerning Cultures and Wamda. She has reported for US-based outlets including NPR, Monocle, and BuzzFeed. Jacqueline graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.


What Jacqueline can offer other fellows:

Jacqueline can offer networking, small business management, impact measurement, and reporting.


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