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Jacqueline Lawrence

2020 Fellow

Director, Highlands FM Radio

Jacqueline Lawrence
Mbeya, Tanzania

About Jacqueline

Jaqueline is the Director of Highlands FM Radio, a radio station based in Southern Tanzania that focuses on ensuring rural and urban Southern Tanzanians are well informed and have their voices heard. Highlands FM Radio produces radio programs in partnership with their customers in the private and public sectors, which include NGOs and multinational companies that seek to advertise their products and services. What makes Highlands FM unique is that the station not only focuses on entertainment but also on media for development in order to help shape the growth of the community. It also links community and business using design thinking to ensure the two grow through the knowledge shared in their radio programs. Highlands programs work to address interruptions in services including healthcare, education and other public services due to poor infrastructure and are delivered through digital products and live public forums. Their radio programming includes talk radio, radio dramas, programs focused on a particular are of interest such as agriculture, technology or nutrition, health and food, children’s programs and many others. Highlands’ programs reaches an average of 340,000 listeners per program. Jacqueline received her Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies from Central India Institute and her degree in Business Administration and International Business from Bharati Vidyapeeth University in India.

What Jacqueline hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Jacqueline wants to expand her initiative and radio within Tanzania. She would like to learn how to better grow, how to franchise her model and how to create more beneficial partnerships. She is hoping to learn from different industries about how they cope with growth strategies in their industries and how they hope to transform the areas they live in.

What Jacqueline can offer other fellows:

Jacqueline has worked with a lot of different sectors through radio and has great knowledge on how to market in each sector.

Connect with Jacqueline on Social Media:


Instagram (business): @MbeyaHighlandsfm

Instagram (personal): @jacklaprincessa

Twitter (business): @Highlandsfm92_7

LinkedIn (personal):