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Jacintha Jayachandran

2022 Fellow

Founder and Trustee of HopeWorks Foundation

Jacintha Jayachandran

Jacintha Jayachandran is founder and Trustee of HopeWorks Foundation and has been working in various spheres to promote gender equality and equity. Through the work on her foundation and her professional career as a leadership and diversity & inclusion coach, she has impacted more than 50,000 women across India. Jacintha has traversed through multiple career tracks beginning with talent management and development in organizations such as HP, Infosys Technologies, and OnMobile.

She is also an entrepreneur who co-founded Skillscafe, a leadership development organization. In her stint as a leader of Skillscafe she has nurtured leaders across a spectrum of industries and domains in India and beyond.

Jacintha recently completed a professional certificate in behavioral science from Ashoka University, and has completed her master’s degree in social work from Bengaluru University.  With 28 years of working experience and a desire to truly impact women and children, she dreams of impacting one million girls to march to college and then to employment.