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Irina Sthapit

2024 Fellow

VV Visionaries

Irina Sthapit.jpg

Focus Areas

Gender Equality & Women's Rights
STEM & Innovation

Irina Sthapit is an engineer and an innovator from Nepal who graduated from Stanford University’s Learning, Design, and Technology program. Passionate about empowering girls in STEM and working with tools, she is actively bridging the gender gap through the organization Nepali Women+ in Computing and her DIY content on the Instagram page @girlytoolz.

Sthapit has represented Nepal in the International Visitors Leadership Program titled ‘Hidden No More: Empowering Women Leaders in STEM‘, a U.S. State Department Initiative. She was also an SDG youth representative from Nepal for the Fifth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries in Doha and the United Nations Youth Summit in New York. Additionally, she was the 2022 Asia Foundation Development Fellow from Nepal.

“As a visionary leader, I strive to ignite inspiration and empowerment among girls and women in STEM, bridging the gender gap and fostering an equitable world.”