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Ilhem Hassania Kerdoudi

2023 Fellow

CEO, DigitED

Ilhem Hassania Kerdoudi

Passionate about innovation, high-tech, and socio-economic impact, Ilhem developed the award winning edtech startup, DigitED. They offer online courses for high school students in STEM, English and French and preparation for exams, including IELTS and TOEIC, and offer a white labeled learning management system including conference, content management and calendar management. DigitED developed, an innovative and award-winning educational marketplace. It invites you to choose your trainer/tutor and step into a creative, AI and AR powered learning environment for a unique experience of learning. Ilhem has more than 20 years of experience including 14 years in the Telecom Industry in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Previously, she managed large-scale projects and multi-country sales bids with Global Telecom Operators. As the CEO of Digital Cluster, she fostered partnerships and digital collaborations between enterprises and universities. She also managed the MENA region’s leading NGO for youth training and employment with more than 12K youth trained in one year. Ilhem holds a master’s degree from Telecom ParisTech, the second best engineering school in France. 

What Ilhem can offer other fellows: 

Ilhem can share her knowledge of the tech market in the region, her experience in technological development and offer preferential access to their courses for fellow’s families/referrals. 

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