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Holland Haiis

2023 Fellow

Professional Development, Consultant and Speaker, Holland Haiis, LLC

Holland Haiis
United States of America

Holland Haiis is a workplace strategist, high-performance executive coach, keynote speaker, and award-winning author. Holland helps individuals and organizations with professional development solutions to improve conscious leadership, increase effective communication, and boost workplace well-being. Her human-centered solutions are science-based in behavioral psychology, positive psychology, NLP, stress mastery, as well as human and team dynamics. Holland began her career in HR at one of New York City’s largest law firms. While at the firm Holland worked to create an organization of cohesive leadership and a culture of collaboration. After leaving the firm she started a consulting practice transitioning New York City’s elite physicians out of hospitals and into private practice. With decades of experience designing, developing, and implementing training programs, Holland’s mission is to shift the consciousness of the planet through the awareness of servant and transformational leadership. Holland was named one of 100 Global Thought Leaders along with Suze Orman and Deepak Chopra. She is the founder of Stand Up to Lead, an organization that supports and empowers women in business, and is often interviewed for her expertise on/by CNN, CBS, FOX News, CNBC, HuffPost, Thrive Global, Inc, HR.Com, The Globe & Mail and many more.

What Holland can offer other fellows:

Holland has coached individuals on how to be better on-stage speakers and can support other women in this area. She can also support participants in their outlines for keynotes, panels, etc. She can provide support to those who need an emcee, panelist, or speaker for their event, as well as support Vital Voices in this capacity. Holland is a great strategist and can offer support in that way too.

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