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Hilda Joanna Terán Romero

2024 Fellow

Photo Joanna Teran Romero.png

Focus Areas

Access to Justice
Gender Equality & Women's Rights
Racial Justice

Hilda Joanna Terán Romero is the executive president of Kuska Collective, an organization dedicated to defending human rights and promoting social justice in Puno, Peru. Kuska Collective focuses on providing psychological support to victims of state violence and repression while also advocating for gender equality and the rights of indigenous communities. It’s mission is to create a resilient and empowered community through interdisciplinary approaches and grassroots activism.

Terán has extensive experience in leadership roles within social and human rights organizations; she has led social and educational projects at public institutions and social organizations. With a master’s degree in Community Psychology at PUCP and specializations in rural women’s empowerment in Egypt and gender inequalities, she has been at the forefront of community mobilization and the implementation of essential services in response to social crises.

“As a visionary leader, I strive to create inclusive spaces where every voice is heard and valued.”