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Heli Mäkiranta

2023 Fellow

CEO and Founder, QUU Design

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Heli Mäkiranta is a professional interior designer and founder and CEO of QUU Design lighting brand. QUU lighting collection combines harmonious timeless Scandinavian design with the elegant beauty of northern nature. Each light fixture is unique and handcrafted in cooperation with Finnish small business owners. Their mission is to create future classics – easily recognizable high-quality design lighting that become looked-after valuables that run in the family. They believe in quality and responsible choices. For them, this means choosing sustainable and high-quality materials, transparent production processes, maintaining the art of craftsmanship, and supporting small businesses. One of their biggest achievements was when British Vogue contacted them, wanting to collaborate when Grand Designs selected QUU lights as a unique idea among the top six and collaborated with Formula 1 driver, Valtteri Bottas. Heli’s professional line is “dream big- you never know where your dreams will lead you.”

What Heli can offer other fellows:

Heli can help with the visual look and branding of other fellows’ businesses.

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