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Heather Pinnock

2023 Fellow

Managing Director, Lucea Caribbean Ltd

Heather Pinnock

Heather Pinnock is the managing director and chief placemaker at Lucea Caribbean Ltd. Lucea is a boutique real estate development agency offering planning and project management with a focus on sustainability for tropical regions. Heather is a Jamaican professional with formal training in architecture, urban design, and project management, as well as over 25 years of experience in construction and real estate. Heather is a graduate of the Bartlett School of Planning at the University College London and the Caribbean School of Architecture at the University of Technology, Jamaica. She has worked across Jamaica as well as on projects in Saint Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. Her experience includes master planning, energy efficient and net zero buildings, sustainable housing, and public spaces. In 2021 she concluded a successful stint leading one of the governments of Jamaica’s largest real estate management and development agencies, the Urban Development Corporation, where she actively promoted ‘making development happen sustainably’. Her top three achievements were delivering a major public park in the city of Montego Bay, gaining ISO certification for the core business processes, and being awarded the World Travel Award for the company’s flagship tourist attraction. Heather was appointed co-chair of the Commonwealth Women in Planning network in July 2022. She is also a certified SCRUM Master, an EarthCheck Design Accredited Professional, and a licensed real estate salesperson. Altogether, she is a champion for global goals especially related to climate resilience and sustainable tropical living in general.

What Heather can offer other fellows:

Heather can share her knowledge of social media management and sustainability in business reviews.


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