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Haya Al-Senafi

2022 Fellow

Haya Al-Senafi

Haya is the founder and executive manager of Toddlers Town Daycare & Child development center, a high scope-inspired center based in Kuwait since February 2014. They offer infant, toddler, and preschool & kindergarten programs, and they strive to be the leading professional childcare and child development center in their community for busy parents and their little ones. They provide exceptional child care services and have five service lines, which are child care services for children aged two months to five years, late pickup services till 5 p.m., learning programs for preschools and kindergartens, early intervention program, and Summer camps. They provide special education for children aged from two months to five years who has learning difficulties or communication delay. They are open year-round. She made all her efforts to build her standards, and she plans to learn how to grow and what she should do to maintain the high quality services they have been providing. Haya’s areas of expertise include planning and working with

parents. She has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Kuwait University and an online Master’s degree in Early Learning System from Midtown University.

What Haya hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Haya hopes to gain the skills and knowledge needed to open new branches and make business decisions in order to be a successful leader.

What Haya can offer other fellows:

Haya can share information on how to manage employees and her business while maintaining the quality of services offered. She can also offer her knowledge of the childcare sector, including how to choose a curriculum and establish procedures for daycares.

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