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Harshanisha Parejan

2024 Fellow

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Focus Areas

Gender Equality & Women's Rights
Youth & Girls Empowerment

Harshanisha Parejan is the founder of Tuqqin, a social enterprise dedicated to promoting sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions in marginalized communities. Her mission is to empower women with knowledge and access to eco-friendly menstrual products, while fostering health, dignity, and environmental sustainability. Tuqqin aims to break cultural stigmas surrounding menstruation and provide long-lasting, affordable solutions like menstrual cups to women across India.

Parejan has previously worked supporting top CEOs and Executives across the world. Her experience includes securing grant funding, developing educational programs, and implementing large-scale community outreach initiatives. She has a Master’s in Psychology and is deeply involved in women empowerment activities. She continues to collaborate with global partners to expand Tuqqin’s impact and reach.

“As a visionary leader, I am committed to creating inclusive and sustainable solutions that address critical health challenges while empowering women to take control of their reproductive health and well-being.”