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Hafsa Qadeer

2023 Fellow

CEO and Founder, ImInclusive

Hafsa Qadeer
United Arab Emirates

Hafsa Qadeer is a social entrepreneur committed to finding humanitarian solutions through innovation and creative expression. She is the CEO and Founder of ImInclusive, the first inclusive employment platform in the history of the United Arab Emirates to receive certified social enterprise recognition from the national government. In 2019, at the age of 24, Hafsa presented ImInclusive, a job-search platform, and 360 disability inclusion employment solution, to the Abu Dhabi government alongside her 16-year-old brother Ahmed Qadeer, who is a person with a disability living with Spinal Bifida. In 2023, ImInclusive has fully evolved into a multi-award-winning enterprise and provided employment opportunities to people with disabilities in healthcare, hospitality, retail, and more. Hafsa graduated from Middlesex University with a bachelor’s in International Business and holds a professional diploma in innovative marketing. Hafsa is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper for the Abu Dhabi community. She has been selected in the top 36 entrepreneurs from 1300+ entrepreneurs across the world by TiE Global to present her solutions on a global forum. She speaks about the workforce of the future on numerous international platforms. Her persistence in actioning disability inclusion urgently on all forums has resulted in ImInclusive receiving recognition from C3 as the first prize recipient of MENA-based social enterprise impacting change in IDEA Accelerator by Accenture Middle East and Standard Chartered. ImInclusive has coached and mentored over 1,200 job seekers and has trained over 15,500 corporate staff to build inclusive employment ecosystems that secure equitable employment for all.

What Hafsa can offer other fellows:

Hafsa can offer training on disability inclusion, hiring with inclusivity with ImInclusive, and support on disability-inclusive customer experiences.


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