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Ghada Ghayeb

2019 Fellow

Managing Director, JumpingClay

Manama, Bahrain

About Ghada:

Ghada is the managing director of JumpingClay, Bahrain, a global education franchise specializing in courses and programs that help create a happy life culture for both children and adults through unique clay and craft packs. JumpingClay was founded on the idea that children should “learn through play”. Despite its educational value, three-dimensional and formative art has been relatively limited due to the difficulty of making projects and the cleanup involved afterwards. JumpingClay is a convenient to use, clean, and safe product. With its wide range of products in a variety of colors, JumpingClay is also recognized as a toy within the hobby industry. What makes the clay unique is its ability to be easily molded and its ability to dry naturally in the air. There is no need for an oven or kiln to complete a craft or project. It can be mixed into any color as easy as mixing paint and does not require glue to combine parts together. It is 100% safe, non-toxic, and completely mess-free. The clay does not crack, crumble, stick, or stain and finished artworks can last a lifetime. JumpingClay offers workshops at all educational levels and can be used in-classroom workshops with teachers, college and University courses focused on art and education for children, cultural centers and museum programs, and extracurricular activities. Additionally, JumpingClay provides can be used as therapy and in special care center programming at places such as rehabilitation centers, medical centers, and hospitals. It is a valuable tool and experience for individuals to gain confidence and improve mental awareness. In addition to her work at JumpingClay, Ghada is also the Project Manager for the first kids cinema and activity center in Bahrain. Ghada studied Civil Engineering at the University of Bahrain and has experience in strategic planning and business management.

What Ghada hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Ghada hopes to learn how to think outside of the box and learn about how other business owners do that. Additionally, she wants to learn how to create new opportunities, negotiate, be more confident and more supportive of her community. Lastly, Ghada looks forward to learning from the other fellows about their success stories, the obstacles they’ve faced, how they have overcome them, and what keeps them motivated.

What Ghada can offer other fellows:

Ghada can offer other fellows Arabic language skills, franchising expertise, and has experience assisting others reach their full potential.

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Twitter: @jumpingclay_Bahrain