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Genevieve Mawufemor Musey

2019 Fellow

Managing Director, Blossom Patch Limited

Eltham, United Kingdom

About Genevieve:

Genevieve is the Managing Director of Blossom Patch Limited, a company that provides childcare, counselling, mentorship, training and job placement for parents and young people. The organization was born from Blossom Patch Nurseries when it expanded into youth mentorship with Blossom Learning Consortium in 2017. Both companies incorporate Genevieve’s passion for nurturing and mentoring young people. Blossom Learning Consortium identifies young people who have not been able to complete college due to external challenges and enables them to acquire relevant educational certifications and their dream job. Blossom Learning Consortium provides guidance on career options and access to skills development through employment. Tutors and assessors provide support through regular engagement, teaching and assessments. Genevieve’s business also provides support to parents interested in advising their children about their career choices and thereby expanding opportunities within her community. Genevieve is driven to expand Blossom Patch Limited to other countries in order to meet the needs of young people in accessing employment training services. Her company strives to meet the needs of clients by offering services such as flexible hours of operation and personalized individual information sessions. They also focus on using an evidence and data based design in their offerings, ensuring that the needs of clients from similar circumstances are met. In addition, Genevieve is the Nursery Manager of Blossom Patch Nursery and holds a BSc in Management from the Regent University of Science and Technology, Ghana as well as an MA in Children, Youth and International Development from Brunel University London. Her areas of expertise are in strategic planning, prioritization, focusing energy and resources, strengthening operations, leading teams and evaluation.

What Genevieve hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Genevieve hopes to gain more international experience, grow her leadership skills and confidence, grow her networks and learn new things.

What Genevieve can offer other fellows:

Genevieve can offer to fellows her positivity, sense of humor, ability to be a team player and her leadership experience.


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