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Florence Feyikemi Egbeyemi

2023 Fellow

Founder, JDSL Recycling Ltd

Feyikemi Egbeyemi

Florence Feyikemi Egbeymi is an entrepreneur, recycling, and community leader. Her passion is people, specifically where and how to better her people and her community. JDSL Recycling is a social enterprise addressing poverty, unemployment, and climate change challenges in Nigeria, using recyclable plastic waste as the currency of exchange value. Today, they are engaging different strata of life including local communities, schools, hospitals, and corporate organizations on the amazing mutual benefits of recycling services. JDSL Recycling has tapped into the growing utilization of plastic waste (PET & PP) by many manufacturing companies. Currently, they have over 110 employees with women accounting for 75% of the entire workforce in different sectors of the company. They train youth in-house as engineers and engage the community in saving the environment and making money through the process.

What Florence can offer other fellows:

Florence can share her knowledge of educating people in her community on how to help save the earth and how they can make an income from waste. She can also share about JDSL Recyclings in house training programs for young men to learn machine maintenance and become machine operators.

Connect with Florence on social media:

Business website:

Business LinkedIn: Jdsl_recycling

Business Facebook: Jdslrecycling

Business Instagram: jdsl_recycling

Personal Instagram: Feyikemi236