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Fanti Frida Yanti

2021 Fellow

Human Development and Governance Researcher, Baubau Planning Board

VVEngage 2021

Fanti Frida Yanti is a Human Development and Governance Research for the Baubau Planning Board. She is also Deputy of Research and Development at the Baubau Creative Forum. Previously, as Head of the Gender and Child Information System Division, Fanti initiated the Baubau Women and Children Protection Task Force as a service to provide legal assistance, counseling, psychological recovery and social rehabilitation for women and children victims of violence.

Fanti is passionate about research, believing it is crucial to know in more details the stories of every woman, recording them through data and information, including the violence against them. Fanti decided to become a public servant in the Baubau City Government in order to empower women, especially in education and the economy, through strategic government policies, including gender planning and budgeting. In 2011, she was promoted and trusted as the Local Government Gender Technical Equality Adviser for the BASICS Program and Local Government Community Advisor for the ACCESS Program. These two programs worked to ensure that the community’s rights in education and health are fulfilled where women and children are the priority.

In 2004, Fanti won a scholarship from the Ford Foundation IFP Program and studied Gender Analysis in International Development at University of East Anglia, England. In 2006, she worked as Local Gender Advisor of Oxfam GB Project in collaboration with the European Union. More recently, Fanti received an award from The Australia Awards Indonesia short courses in 2017 at Griffith University for Sustainable Tourism and at The University of Sydney to study DPO: Policy Reformation in 2020.