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Fadera Williams

2018 Fellow

Chief Executive Officer Hermon Empor Landscape Ltd

Fadera (4)

Fadera Williams is the Chief Executive Officer of Hermon Empor Landscape Ltd, an environmental services firm. Hermon Empor Landscape is committed to innovation, value and respect for the environment. Their desire is to provide each customer with high-quality personalized service and they have a commitment to delivering the best service. Their goal is to bring people and nature together. Research shows a landscape can increase rental rates for buildings by 7% and influence buyers to pay 15-25% more at retail stores. Their clientele ranges from the individual house owner to the large multi-national construction and real estate firms in the private sector and different tiers of government in the public sector. At Hermon Empor Landscape they deliver professional landscape services at a more affordable cost to their clients and with prompt delivery of landscape construction and execution, saving not less than 20% of the delivery time compared with competing landscape firms. As professional botanists and landscape architects offering services in a nation where the profession of landscape architecture is still developing, Fadera sees her company as being strategically positioned through their cutting edge knowledge and global best practices in our service delivery to the overall satisfaction of our client. They offer landscape design, flowerpot production, urban vegetable gardening, plant sales and their Landscape Academy training program to their clients. Fadera views landscape design and execution as both a science and art that integrates construction and the environment. They offer their clients topnotch landscaping services for both commercial and residential properties where they provide services including tree services, irrigation systems and pest control. Though their Flower pot line they produce and sell an array of pots for plants. To address the challenges that people face in accessing fresh vegetables, Fadera launched in 2012 a model that allows urban dwellers the opportunity to grow their own favorite edible vegetables, guaranteeing uninterrupted supply for the preparation of indigenous soups and stews. To provide plant sales, Hermon Empor Landscaping also has an online Plant Mart for plant supplies and plant sales. In the course of providing landscaping services since founding the company Fadera has received a series of requests for training, to meet this need they have founded the Hermon Empor School of Garden Design.

Fadera’s vision for the company is to be a leader in the landscape sector in Nigeria and to have increased the scale of her flower pot and e-commerce sales departments, while becoming a leading name in garden design education in her community. Fadera is also passionate about sustainability issues, she has a registered NGO related to her main business that was founded in 2014, Sustain Africa Earth Initiative. Sustain Africa Earth Initiative is the non-profit arm of her company, which aims to inspire environmental friendliness through the encouragement of community participation in the development and execution of programs and projects which border around environmental sustainability and youth empowerment. Her conservation efforts are in alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 13 and her vision is to see African communities environmentally aware and empowered with a new mindset with the youth especially, inspired to be agents of change in their environment. She also gives climate change seminars in schools and conferences and has encouraged distribution of thousands of seedlings. Through their training and advocacy efforts they are currently conducting trainings on climate change basics with a vision to raise 100,000 youth climate change ambassadors. Fadera is currently the Chairman for the Society of Landscape Architects of Nigeria (SLAN), SouthWest Chapter. She is also the President for Sustain Africa Earth Initiative and is the Governor, Associate Fellows Class of 2016 for the Nigeria Leadership Initiative. Fadera’s areas of expertise include marketing and business management. She has completed a Bsc in Botany from the University of Ibadan Nigeria, a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Lagos and diplomas in Landscape Architecture and Climate Change, International Perspectives on Planting Design and Green Infrastructure from Nurtingen – Geislingen University.


What Fadera hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Fadera hopes to increase her knowledge on human resources management, business management and customer retention. She would also like to foster great relationships and learn from businesses who are doing better than myself, as well as to gain new friends from the diverse group of this class of the 2018 fellowship.

What Fadera can offer other fellows: Fadera can teach fellows Do-It-Yourself Gardening methods.

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Fadera was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.