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Fadeelat Adam Amanesi

2023 Fellow

Co-Founder, Fady-Virt LTD

Fadeelat Adam Amanesi Resized

Fadeelat Adam Amanesi is from Edo State Nigeria and is the founder of FADY-VIRT LIMITED, an indigenous company based in south Nigeria that focuses on agro-food produce and supplies. Their main goal is to make the best standard food, specifically rice, available. In addition, their goal is to provide jobs that enable women and men to earn a standard of living. They are working to reduce poverty by creating jobs and making their rice available at affordable prices. Additionally, FADY-VIRT LIMITED educates individuals, especially women, on the need to get involved in the business by introducing business ideas to them. One of the company’s goals is to uplift as many people as possible to be self-sufficient in their chosen line of work. Their drive to succeed is the reason why they see Vital Voices as the best platform for their growth based on how Fadeelat has seen previous fellows and their businesses succeed. Fadeelat graduated from Federal Polytechnic Auchi where she obtained a higher national diploma in Computer Science.

What Fadeelat can offer other fellows:

Fadeelat can offer support to her fellow participants by sharing with them her knowledge of life in her country, their culture, their values, what makes them happy and what makes them sad, and most importantly, about various businesses they can successfully launch in Africa, if interested. She can offer her skills in running her small rice milling business and what is needed to expand to a bigger business.

Connect with Fadeelat on social media:

Personal LinkedIn: FadilatAmanesi

Business Facebook: FADYVIRT LTD

Personal Facebook: Fadilat Amanesi

Personal Twitter: Fadilat Amanesi

Business Instagram: FADYVIRT LTD

Personal Instagram: Fadilat Amanesi