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Evelyne Nyairo

2023 Fellow

Founder, Ellie Bianca

Calgary, Canada

Socially conscious innovator, Evelyne Nyairo, is the driving force behind the luxurious all-natural skincare line, Ellie Bianca. Through Ellie Bianca she has not only created a skin care line but also a women’s empowerment venture designed to “heal not just the skin, but the soul”. Ellie Bianca is a beacon of hope and global connection.

Evelyne holds an undergraduate degree in environmental sciences with biology and chemistry majors and an M.Sc. in Environmental Management and currently, she is a PhD Fellow pursuing Strategy and Innovation. Evelyne has provided strategic planning on high-profile projects worldwide and has held many energy sector leadership positions. A serial entrepreneur, Ellie Bianca, inspired by her daughter, its namesake, is the most recent of five companies that Evelyne has created and nurtured to success.

Evelyn’s business contributions have been recognized by many. She was featured on the 2021 Dragon’s Den, was the winner of the 2021 RCB Canadian Women Entrepreneurship Award, the CHFA Industry Achievement Award for Celebrating Diversity, the COVID-19 Leader Award, the Calgary Business Leaders Award, and a semi-finalist of the CANIE Black Entrepreneur of the Year Award.