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Eunice Wambui Njoroge

2023 Fellow

Director, Sahihi Corporate Interiors

Eunice Wambui Njoroge

Eunice Njoroge is a Director at Sahihi Corporate Interiors, a company specializing in interior fit-outs for corporate organizations. Sahihi Corporate Interiors’ services include flooring, wall, partitioning, and ceiling works. Their goal is to deliver every project as unique as a signature, surpassing every client’s expectations. As an organization, they are creating a positive social impact through their annual run. The “Sahihi green run” offers training to local communities, primarily those who work around tea farms, on how to use their small portions of land to plant vegetables for their families, ensuring they have a daily meal on the table. Additionally, they have partnered with schools in their community, and during the run, they plant fruit trees with the hope that in the future the school children will enjoy not just the shade provided by the trees, but the fruits that promote good health and their general well-being. Lastly, they are committed to walking with families to sponsor some of the communities’ students in need. They currently are supporting two students who are currently enrolled in local universities. Eunice’s greatest joy in this field is handing clients what was once an empty room, now transformed into a space full of life, color, and different textures. Eunice is a wife and a mother, and increasingly, she realizes what an honor it is for her to be entrusted with a family of her own. 


What Eunice can offer other fellows: 

Eunice is available to help brainstorm and exchange ideas to help grow or improve other participants’ products or services. Eunice can share the highs and lows of life, which she believes makes life beautiful when all is said and done. 


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Personal Facebook: wamahigawanjihia