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Eniko-Berta Gall

2021 Fellow

Psychologist | Association for Liberty & Equality of Gender (A.L.E.G)


Eniko Gall is a psychologist with 16 years of experience working with victims and survivors of domestic violence. Through her role at the Association for Freedom and Gender Equality (A.L.E.G.) in Sibiu, Romania, she provides specialized support to domestic violence survivors through individual and/or group sessions, phone and online counselling, and coordinating psycho-social counseling services. Over the years, she has specialized in women’s rights and domestic violence interventions. Since 2017, she has led self-help/support groups for domestic violence survivors through the “I can do it too” (#»òiEuReu»ôesc) program, which connects survivors with one another, conducting workshops and trainings for specialists and survivors to develop the biggest community of survivors in Romania. Dr. Gall also designs and delivers workshops/trainings for specialists active in the domestic and/or gender-based violence field.