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Emma Soledad Puerto Arteaga

2021 Fellow

Voices that Inspire Fellow

Emma Soledad Puerto Arteaga Headshot

Emma Puerto Arteaga is a student earning her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations at the Universidad Modelo Campus Mérida. She represents the National Front for the Yucatán Sorority, in which she fights for the visibility and eradication of sexual violence in digital media. She is an activist, gives conferences and workshops on violence and gender discrimination, and accompanies victims and survivors of it. She is a defender of the rights of adolescent girls and women so that they have access to a dignified life free of violence. She has promoted proposals and initiatives in the Mérida Youth Council, as well as in the Senate of the Republic for an education with a gender perspective, in order to eliminate gender roles and educational, political, social, cultural, digital, and labor gender gaps.

Emma was selected as a participant in the 2021 Voces Que Inspiran.