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Emila Spasojević

2021 Fellow

Human Rights Lawyer & Head of Intl Relations Dept | Commissioner for the Protection of Equality

Emila Spasojević_Headshot

Emila Spasojević is a Human Rights Lawyer and Head of the International Relations Department at the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, an independent, autonomous institution dedicated to preventing and addressing all forms of discrimination in Serbia. Emila has dedicated the past 21 years to advocating for human rights, anti-discrimination, gender-equality, EU policy reform, and fair labor standards. As a Lawyer, Emila is well versed in implementing national legislation as well as international legislation through constantly familiarizing herself with legal standards put forth by the EU, ILO, UN and CoE. Outside of her work as a Lawyer, Emila has extensive experience in leading seminars, workshops and trainings on various topics of the law. She is also the Official Mediator and Conciliator in Serbia where she focuses on creating a peaceful resolution to common labour disputes. Emila holds a Juris Doctors and Masters Degree in Labor Law, Social Law and Anti-Discrimination from the University of Belgrade.