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Elizabeth Rueda Rodriguez

2023 Fellow

Voices That Inspire


Elizabeth (Ely) is a young stage creator from Mexico. She has a degree in Theater from Arts University. Ely’s research focuses on the body and the repercussions it has on our daily lives. To this end, her social impact project, La voz de nuestro cuerpo (Our Body’s Voice) focuses on bodily autonomy. The workshops are for women who want to use the body as a tool for liberation and autonomy. 

Besides being a teacher, Ely is also an actress, dancer, acrobat, writer, director, set designer, and cultural manager. She is passionate about the arts and movement. Her work has been highlighted inside and outside Mexico. Ely’s accolades include receiving first place for her choreography “Danza para el fin del mundo” (End of the World Dance), representing her state at the 2022 National Theater Exhibition’s Young Creators Program, and being selected to showcase her artworks in five states within Mexico. Additionally, she has led the organization of two state festivals and is currently the manager of an independent art space called “Hogar espejo, casa de arte” (Mirror home, art-house).