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Diana Miloslavich Tupac

2024 Fellow

Expert in Political Participation - CMP Flora Tristan

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Diana Miloslavich Tupac is a Feminist, Writer, Activist, and Defender. She was also the former Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations in 2022 and served as the coordinator of the Political Participation Program at the Flora Tristán Center from 2004 to 2021.

Today, she is responsible for the Women’s Voice and Leadership Project and serves as a Campaign Spokesperson, as half of her party wants parity without political harassment. Diana is also a part of the Working Group on the Model Parity Law at the CIM OAS, which promotes regulations, policies and initiatives in relation to women’s political rights, equal democracy, political harassment, the right of women to lives free of violence, female migration and many others.

Diana has several publications, including Maria Elena Moyano in Search of Hope (1992), Women’s Literature, A view from feminism: Feminism and Suffrage 1933-1956 (2012), ONPE Magazine in 2015, Pilgrimages of a pariah in Peru, and Flora Tristan (2019).

Diana studied Literature at UNMSM. Diana has a PhD in Social Sciences, specializing in History, and a master’s degree in Peruvian and Latin American Literature at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.