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Diadji Diawara

2023 Fellow

Founder, Kaara

diadji diawara 2024 updated headshot
United States

Focus Areas

Gender Equality & Women's Rights

Diadji Diawara is actively working on expanding a program named Kàara in Mali. Kàara is a project that was first started to help low-income children access tutoring in Mali. Classes were held twice a week and offered students various subjects such as math, French, physics, chemistry, and English. This initiative was started during Diawara’s high school days as she wanted to fight the educational inequalities present in the Malian educational system. Surrounded by struggling families growing up, Diawara believed that every child, no matter their social background, deserved adequate educational support. In a country where the public school system does not break the cycle of poverty, Kàara is engaged in changing the realities of the nation. Diawara hopes to create a nationwide support system for every child in need of a place where their education is at the center and where they will get the opportunity to enjoy their youth by having recreational activities.

Diawara is a current Mechanical Engineering student and hopes to study renewable energies in the future, with the hope to alleviate the energetic crisis in Mali. Diawara was a member of the children’s rights parliament where she fought for years against the abuses perpetrated towards children in Mali. Passionate about STEM and leadership, Diawara became the first female captain of the Malian robotics team where she led the team to many victories and promoted women’s involvement in STEM in the country. For Diawara, giving back to her community is the purpose of her life.