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Danijela Steinfeld

2023 Fellow

VV Visionaries

Danijela0050_MG1 1.jpg

Focus Areas

Gender Equality & Women's Rights
Social & Digital Media

Our mission is to create a safer world for all. Way Out is a stealth survival quest mobile game that promotes compassion, teamwork, and unlearning prejudices to curb harmful behavior. Through engaging and scientifically backed gameplay, players gain emotional and psychological skills for positive behavioral change. As a byproduct, Way Out gamifies sexual harassment training for corporations and universities, a first-of-its-kind result-based product.

Steinfeld is an award-winning filmmaker who directed the feature documentary Hold Me Right, which explores the aftermath of sexual violence on victims and perpetrators. She has been involved in various healing initiatives and previously worked as an actor as well, starring in TV shows, films, and theater productions for which she has received awards.

“As a visionary leader, my life’s mission is to guide our generation towards eradicating the rape culture that we were born into. As there is nothing more powerful than a healed, free woman.”