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Cynthia Kemunto

2024 Fellow

VV Visionaries


Focus Areas

Agriculture, Food & Hunger
Climate Action

Cynthia Kemunto plans to establish learning centers that empower local communities in Kenya to combat climate change. These centers will teach sustainable farming techniques, such as organic manure usage, crop rotation, and tree conservation, to mitigate the environmental impact of agriculture in Kenya. She aims to foster a culture of environmental stewardship, sustainability, and resilience against natural disasters by empowering locals with knowledge and skills for eco-friendly living and farming.

Kemunto holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree and has worked with many environmental organizations, such as the Break Free From Plastic movement and Greenpeace Africa. She has organized local clean-up drives, led educational workshops on waste management, and collaborated with grassroots organizations to promote sustainable practices.

“As a visionary leader, I aim to inspire sustainable change, foster community collaboration, and drive impactful solutions towards a greener, more resilient future.”