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Cristina Oreta

2019 Fellow

COO/President, eMethods for Business Management

Pasig City, Philippines

About Cristina

Cristina is the COO and President of eMethods for Business Management (eMBM), a solutions-oriented business consulting company. eMBM provides accounting, human resources management, and organizational solutions to their clients. Additionally, they provide trading and create customized modules specific to the operations of their clients. eMBM does this by using data management software such as xTuple, QuickBooks Momentum Assessor and Veriva to analyze and manage their clients’ needs and operations. eMethods is committed to helping improve the day to day operations of all their clients. Cristina has experience in accounting, marketing, and financial management and excels in building healthy professional relationships with partners and employees. In addition to eMBM, Cristina also serves as a member of the Philippine Marketing Association, the Treasurer and SME Chairperson for the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, Inc., and the Rotary Club.

What Cristina hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Cristina hopes to gain knowledge to better grow her business and learn how to build her network.


What Cristina can offer other fellows:

Cristina can offer to share with fellows her 16 years of professional experience, including the ups and down.


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