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Cristina Maduro

2018 Fellow

Owner/Executive Partner ADM M&S Inc

Cristina (4)

Cristina is the Owner and Executive Partner of ADM, a company which focuses on professional property management in residential buildings, individual apartments, commercial spaces and lots. They have decided to keep their business small in terms of quantity of owners, so they can strive to deliver a more personalized service to their clients. ADM ensures quality service, highlighting the personalized and comprehensive services that meet the needs of their customers, fostering relationships based on owners and tenants informed of the management efforts and providing recommendations to guarantee the building is kept in optimum conditions. They maintain a selected team who will respond promptly to the clients’ needs. Their unique value proposition is that they focus on properties that have a maximum of 100 property owners, so they can ensure a personalized attention to their customers. They personally know all their clients and try to give a more prestigious approach to their management style. They currently have three service lines, including the Operational and Administrative Services, Financial and Economic Services, and Communication Services. They are definitely at a stage in their business where they are ready to grow in scale of number of clients, and be able to adopt new technologies to provide more efficient services as they continue to grow. There is an imminent need to separate roles between two executive partners to avoid duplication of efforts and confusion. They would like to consolidate their business in the sector and differentiate themselves from other offers in the market. They would like to understand how they can minimize errors during execution and provide better customer service to ensure better responses in faster time periods to have happier and more satisfied clients. They were the first if not one of the first entrepreneurs to start this business with a professional optic, making sure they were providing quality services and that they professionalized the industry of property management by meeting client needs and going beyond what was being offered in the market at that time. Cristina is also the Treasurer for the Executive Board of Panamanian Chamber for Social Development. She holds a Law and Political Science degree from USMA, an MBA with an emphasis in International Commerce from the Interamerican University, a High Management degree from the Interamerican University. She also holds a Project Management PRofessioanl (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute and a Non Profit Management Certification from Georgetown University. Her areas of expertise include project management, strategic planning, business management and corporate affairs. She is also a professional dancer and actress in Panama.

What Cristina hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Cristina hopes to improve her organizational skills, marketing knowledge, management strategies, leadership skills, time management skills, human resource management skills and decision making expertise.

What Cristina can offer other fellows: Cristina can share her expertise and knowledge of property management, how to manage a 50/50 partnership. She also has experience with working with multinational companies, governments, nonprofits and international development agencies and can share her knowledge of working with these entities.

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Twitter: @ADMPTY

Instagram: @admpty

Cristina was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.