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Claudia Thomas Riché

2022 Fellow


Claudia Thomas Riche Headshot

Claudia Thomas Riché is the Executive Director and co-founder of NECH-CIEH, a collaborative education network for nurses. Created in 2014, the network brings together nurses from Canada, the United States and Haiti with the mission to position nurses as health change makers within and beyond the clinical context, into the community, to promote better health habits and disease prevention.Previously,Thomas Riché was the Program Director of theNECH-CIEH. She is also a nurse consultant at the GHESKIO Centers Training Unit in Port au Prince since 2004.Thomas Riché holds a master’s degree in nursing science from University of Montreal,Canada. She received a certification degree in 2013 from Institute of HealthcareImprovement (IHI) in Boston as Improvement Advisor (IA).In 2019, she was named anAshoka Fellow, a lifetime award, establishing her as part of a community of social innovators and as an actor for change and the resolution of major societal issues.