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Clara del Rocio Lopez Galvan

2019 Fellow


Clara del Rocio Lopez Galvan was selected as a participant in the 2019 Voces que Inspiran.

Rocio graduated from the Technological University of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca with a degree in Information Technology Engineering. She is enthusiastic about technological development focused on rescuing and advancing indigenous communities. In this regard, this year she received an award from the Honorable Congress of the Free and Sovereign State of Oaxaca for helping to rescue and preserve the indigenous languages of her state. Rocio has excelled in topics related to feminism and women’s empowerment, which in 2018 provided her with the opportunity to obtain a grant to attend a seminar in Portland, Oregon, USA, which addressed topics on women in science and technology. Currently, she participates as an active member of the University Center for Women’s Leadership (CMUJER), where she is in charge of helping young college women develop community projects on topics related to education, nutrition, technology, environment, and poverty.


Rocio was selected as a participant in the 2019 Voces Que Inspiran.