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Chisom Nwankwo

2023 Fellow

Founder, The Skilled Woman Initiative

Abuja, Nigeria

Chisom Nwankwo is the founder of The Skilled Woman Initiative (TSWINI) a non-governmental organization that provides technical skills, vocational training, and job opportunities for refugees and displaced women in Nigeria.

Chisom served as a technology and innovation policymaker with The Federal Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for 10 years. During her time at the Ministry, Chisom managed diverse international and national projects before voluntarily retiring in January 2023 to pursue entrepreneurship. She now leads her NGO and other businesses including The TSWINI company, a Nigerian e-mobility company, and CiiE Luxuries, an eco-luxe fashion accessory design brand.

Chisom is a 2021 Mandela Washington Fellow, a member of the African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC), and a recipient of the African Leading Women Conference Award 2021 as part of the 100 Most Distinguished Women in Africa class of 2021.